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I have tested the Acro suit from Phenix and posting some feedback on it.
I have been testing it for almost 3 months now... (from plane and mountains.)

The design on the suit is really nice, ecspecially for beginners and jumpers who want to fly close to things.
It flies really good due to it has small wings, flying it deep and putting
up speed is fantastic easy on the suit.
Doing acro`s like rolls, backlflying is pretty simple in the suit.

And off course the pull is really nice, no hazzle with wings over the pilotchute.

I will reccomend this suit for beginners in wingsuit, and extreme flyers who wants to fly close to walls and other stuff..
This is one of one of the easiest suit i have tried.
People and other jumpers saw it and tried it during the extreme week and came wtith the same feedback.

I Have compared this suit to Birdman Classic, S1, S3, Matter Mtr3, S-Fly Expert.

There are off course a lot of different suits to choose between, but this is a safe beginner suit, and could be a hardcore fly by suit..

Have a good one

Tom Erik
Molde BASE

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i have over 100 jumps on mine. all skydiving. nice to hear somebody B.A.S.Eing one!
i live in the state of CALIFORNIA and was wondering how mine might do at HALF D. in YO. NATIONAL PARK. in central CALIFORNIA?

i know it's only 8-10 seconds normal freefall because of the talice. but i've been told with a wingsuit it's a great flight and easy to get away.

the only thing i worry about (besides the N.P.S) is my forward speed. the Acro is'nt known for it.

anybody with any input on the Acro and B.A.S.E. flying or should i say out flying the talice experience?



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forward speed. the Acro is'nt known for it.

With the right pilot its pretty respectable.


And to nitpick with the original poster: forward speed has NO use on a fixed object jump. You're looking for GLIDE RATIO. Which again, can be obtained from an Acro.

To repeat a discussion at my local DZ, here is what makes a good wingsuit pilot.

1. Skills
2. Body type
3. Suit

In that order. Learn to fly the suit you have, and you'll be fine. Watch Superterminal - they're using modified Classics!

At the World Wingsuit Comp, 1st place was in an S-Fly, GR=1.9. The 2nd and 3rd place GR's were both ~1.7, in a Vampire and a Phantom.

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In "Keen and Able" JT outracks the talus of HD with what looks like just PF pants.


pardon my ignorance but what is "keen and able" and who is JT. i'm guessing it's a movie of some sort????

thank you.

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