crew and removal of dbag

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I was asked to build a d-bag for a crew guy. I don't know anything about crew. From researching it some people recommend using cotton. Rather than going down that path I question why not just use a d-bag attached file the slider like swoopers use? Can anyone enlighten me?

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If you mean an RDS system, hauling that in after opening takes a lot of time. No problem for swoopers where their focus is on the final part of the flight, but for CRW-dogs (where the competition clock starts ticking 30s after exit) it's too long.

All Lightnings (I believe the Storm as well, unsure about Triathlons and Matrix') have a reefing system on the canopy roof with a ring on the center cell and two offset cells (I believe cell 2 and 6) hauling the bridle back in, and the pilot chute ends up on the roof instead of trailing behind.

There are two usual methods of bagging the canopy and choking the pilot chute. The first is freepacking the canopy, with the lines stowed in a tailpocket and a killcone (basically a round piece of fabric with a #8 grommet) on the bridle that chokes the pilot. The second is a normal bag, but also with a #8 grommet. It also slides down the bridle and chokes the pilot after opening.

Either way, there's no housekeeping necessary after opening, so total focus can be given to preventing collisions at opening time and getting in a good position for doing the CRW-dive.

Also, go talk to a seasoned CRW-dog/Rigger. They're usually more than willing to explain a lot, especially if lubricated with their favourite beverage.

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