3rd Annual Maytown Beginner CReW Camp

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Hey all,

The Maytown Crew will be holding another beginner CReW Camp May 31 - June 2. Friday night will be a safety briefing and equipment check with jumping on Saturday and Sunday.

The goal of the camp is to get beginners to do 1-on-1 jumps with an experienced instructor and then progress, skills permitting, to 4 stacks and 4 way diamonds. As always, Safety First.

If you've never done CReW but are curious or even if you've done some CReW, don't miss the chance to learn something from some top-notch Dawgs.

We'll be jumping Lightnings in the 1.3 - 1.4 range but will work with those who prefer a lighter loading.

If you're interested drop me a PM or Terry Ross an e-mail: [email protected] Let us know your exit weight and your jump experience. If you have your own Lightning let us know what size.

Cost is $50 for canopy rental plus the cost of the instructor's slot $18 to 10K.

The class will be limited based on the number of instructors we have, so let us know ASAP.

If you don't know where Maytown is, we're about 60 miles north of Baltimore and 80 miles west of Philly. Beautiful farmland with no McNasty's.


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