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Well after this week of doing some high altitude h/p and flying relatively to another canopy ( even manage to touch end cells!!!) i found out that i loved canopy flight as much if not more than free falling. so ive decided to start learning crew. I have made plans with a guy at my dz to start learning some crew this weekend but i was wondering what are some good books or reading material thats out their to give me some knowledge before i start.

Blue SKies

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Sorry apparently it didn't quite upload as its larger than 300kb but it's titled "Learning to Fly CF"

I could email it to you if you'd like pm if you'd like

Perhaps maybe you could somehow figure out how to compress the file and upload it so to share it here? lol

Here is sth to read in the meantime

For info regarding lift ticket prices all around the world check out

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Again people asking for reading/training material on CRW... Good thing they do, but can't we make ONE list and post this as a sticky in this forum? We keep repeating ourselves with sending links to new CRW- dogs...

My contribution would be the dutch link to training presentation
'CRW learning to fly'

Wendy has also a good link with more links in it:

And the link give above should then also be in the list:
Australian CRW tutor notes

Wendy, can you as moderator help to make this info a sticky?

have fun!

(edited to get Australian link to work)

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