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This past weekend, jumpers from around Canada gathered at Eden North Parachute School in Alberta for Gavin Days and Memorial Days Weekend and to attempt to break the current Canadian record of 18 set in 1999.

People started to arrive on Thursday and by Friday, we had enough to put together 3 separate 9 way practices. Weather didn't cooperate until later in the day and everyone got at least one jump in.

Saturday saw us continue with the 9 way practices in the morning then step up to 16 ways in the afternoon and evening.

Sunday came and it was time to take our shot at our 25 way. Two attempts later yielded no success. Daytime turbulence caused us to stand down until better air arrived in the late afternoon.

A decision to downsize to a 20 way for the next attempt saw the same result - but with a 3 way cutaway at the breakdown. Ground crews chased 2 of the canopies over 7 miles of Alberta and returned them just as the reserves were closing.

After some more shuffling, we took off to attempt it again. We were using a Caravan as the lead plane and the 15 from that a/c slammed it together in quick fashion. The chase 206 dropped the rest off and they quickly took their spots.

Success. We had a 20 way locked down above 5000 ft.


We tried to pack up and go up to try for 22, but the weather moved in and put an end to our day. Although everyone was stoked from our jump, I think we all wanted to try it again to give the other 2 a chance to get in.

Many thanks to all at Eden North who helped put this together. Withour their dedication and selflessness, this record would not have been possible.

This record is dedicated to the memory of Gavin Adams. A member of the Plaid Jackets who passed away 5 years ago. Gavin's parents - Paul and Judy were there as we passed over the field with our completed formation.

** - This record still needs to be reviewed an accepted by the judges as being complete and satisfy all the CSPA requirements.

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From CSPA Chat
D-5 Canopy Formation – 2-way Longest Sequence (60 sec. Working time)

General: August 4, 2008 Western Conference Cup, Eden North
14 points, “Plaid Jackets”
Lyal Waddell, Aidan Walters, John R Smith (video)

D-4 Canopy Formation - Largest Formation

General: July 13, 2008 Eden North Group, 20 persons:
Serge Blouin, Lyal Waddell, Robert Harris, Henry Komant, Dean Schell, Chris Day, Bernie Cyr, Andrew Donald, Michael Wallace, Blair Johnson, Aidan Walters, Vic Veinotte, Trevor Fitzpatrick, Paul Wing, John Scott, Anthony White, Francois Huot, Patrick Coupal, Ian Chisholm, Jason Cameron. Videographer: John R. Smith
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