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Hi, guys. I'm a relatively new jumper (A license, 50 jumps) who just got his first rig. I knew I wanted to experiment with CRW, so I chose a Spectre for my first canopy and ordered it with CRW lines. To me, that meant dacron lines with non-cascaded center A+B lines, with the A lines in red. To my surprise, the outer A+B lines arrived in the same configuration. I did some searching here at dz.com and found a post by Wendy Faulkner advising some newbie that this was the proper thing to order, but I haven't found any posts (or anyone at my dropzone) to shed light on why. I know I'll have CRWdogs docking on my end cells, but unlike the center set, I don't think anyone will be sliding down them. Are they just easier to grab when they're red? Does the non-cascaded part help, or is this just a consequence of making the A lines red? Anyone from the Seattle area want to give a new pup an introduction to the dark side?



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Regardless of color, non-cascaded lines are easier to grip because the A line is not as far back and the B line is not as far forward. When I take a grip on a cascaded line, I often find I either reach too far back and grab both A & B lines or not back far enough and miss the A line. It's also fairly easy to snag the A line one cell in. Grabbing the wrong line or extra lines doesn't make a lot of difference on center grips but increases likelihood of end cell collapse and wrap (on your foot) on the outside. The red color just makes it simple for the person taking your grip to identify that they've got the correct line.

I'm from the Seattle area and know all the CRWdogs in the area. I'll PM you with more details.


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Yea Spencer,
Good choice that Spectre. I enjoy docking on them with both my L and Tri. For these old eyes Red center lines and especially outer A lines make it a lot easier.
Non cascaded outer A's are good for those less them perfect docks as other parts of the canopy will not distort so much giving you a more stable canopy, although it's a little more hassle when doing your line check (extra line) it's well worth it. Of course dacron lines are the only material we consider lines at all. Enjoy that Spectre, do some CRW and isn't it nice to know that CRW Dogs only buy beer when they are thirsty. Well, that and to keep their riggers happy.
More input, Win? Bob?

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~~~Non cascaded outer A's are good for those less than perfect docks~~~

~~~ --=8 >=8 ~~~

Think about a `high' dock. At the receiver end, when you foot-grip a cascaded line low you will end up with both A & B around your foot. Not so with non cascaded lines. Further more you can pull an outside B-line (if your risers aren't too long, otherwise have them shortened by a rigger) and steer with it just like a front-riser but with much less force. It will give you less sink than trim (front riser) and less float than toggle. Perfect for wing flying or an occasional spiral. Try it, like it, learn to use it. (You know CReW-dogs pull just about anything to steer their canopies :-)


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