8-way speed

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anyone out there who has competed in 8-way speed? what were the biggest challanges for your team when you started practising together?

In a lot of areas, there are not too many CRWDogs on any one DZ. That makes travel and getting together for practice a big problem. On my team, we have people from different areas of the U. S. That made it tremendously difficult to get together. We had a 4-way team as the first half of the team, and they practiced a lot, so that was a big help.

After that, I think it's important to have someone to lead and call the shots. Everyone should have input and get listened to, but one person should have everyone's confidence to make decisions when the time comes.

The rest is just learning the tricks of each formation, how your teammates do and react to things, and how to fly your slot for the quickest build.

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