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Hi, I'm a fairly new A License. I'm not wanting to run before i can walk so my next 50 - 100 jumps are going to be practising the basics of flat, but I'm really curious about freestyle (my taste in everything is stuck in the 90s so it makes perfect sense!) ;)

Is there a set list of moves and manoeuvres anywhere like there is for FS?

Do you need a free fly rig?

Is it best to learn FF style sit flying first or do freestyle flying positions stand alone as a separate discipline?

I'm just curious, I promise any info won't be used to do anything stupid B|

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You'll definitely need a freefly friendly rig as it will be exposed in the relative wind.

I think it's better to learn back flying, then sit flying and practice a lot ! In my point of view, freestyle is the ultimate static discipline incorporating "basic head up positions" + a great range of other ones.

IMO, the best way to get there is to get tunnel hours behind you.

I could be wrong as my experience is very limited (I'm currently getting experience in HU flying. Sky and Tunnel) but it's the long way to the top if you wanna rock'n roll :D

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There is one hell of a list, not quite sure what any of it means though...


All seems a bit old school but you asked for 90 and here it is...


These guys are a bit more new school but the outfits are nowhere near as awesome! ;-)


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