Freefly suits for short and stocky guys

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Hey guys.

Just after some advice on some freefly suits, I'm doing some tunnel time in a few months then hoping to get on with my ff coached jumps soon after.

Just wondering what suits you would recommend for a beginner? I don't particularly want to buy a beginner suit only to buy a more expensive suit later on down the line once I learn how to fly properly.

Spoke to a few ff coaches and they say it's personal preference most of the time, I was looking at a tonfly 619 as it got baggy legs, a vertical or a liquid sky.

What's everyone's take on it? I've got a few hours in the tunnel booked so should hopefully learn how to fly it properly by then.

Btw I'm 5ft 7 and 80kgs


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I'm 5'10" 195 and I have a 619 and a Firefly with a double layer of 2 ply taslan.

For the sky I greatly prefer the 619 because it has a good amount of drag and I can fly it with precision. In the tunnel I prefer the Firefly because helps me get lift and the precision of the 619 is harder to control. If you're just starting out the 619 might be too powerful in the legs when learning to keep your feet below you in a sit. A one-piece uniform drag suit is probably the right answer. I asked firefly to make mine with an extra 1/4 inch to every measurement and its enough extra material to create a good amount of drag. Kind of like a medium fit in vertical suits. I have roughly 4 hours of tunnel on my firefly and its holding up like a champ. I don't think you really need tunnel options on a loose fitting suit.

Also, I would just get over the notion that you are going to buy 1 suit and never buy a suit again.

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I'm 5'6 and weight has ranged between 170 - 190 in the last few years. I've tried a bunch of suits over the years and by far my favorite is vertical. Quality is super high and service is remarkable.

I have multiple suits, and the ones I wear depend on what I'm doing. For dynamic flying in the tunnel, I wear a fairly tight tonfly 630 (replacing with a vertical fusion), when I fly VFS I wear a medium fit raptor, if it's warm out and I'm angle flying, full shorty.

I can do all types of flying in everyone of those suits, but what I choose to wear makes a difference in effort required and flying performance.

You're new, and you're not gonna get a bunch of suits right off the bat, nor do you need them.

An awesome well rounded suit is the Viper by Vertical. Super solid construction and great for all types of flying. A medium fit would probably serve your body type best and the suit will serve you well into your progression. I just ordered a new Viper last week.

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