When you leave the plane:

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. Truly, the technique of watching the breath bestows mental and physical stability, enhancing your directional stability. This is what ultimately takes the mystery out of head-down and standing freefly.
The Sky, Earth, and you share one breath, but each manages it differently. Breath is the primary link between your body, mind, and good flying. Everything in the universe has energy; it connects all things and is always present. Harness your natural energy—your body constantly generates it—by keeping an eye on your breathing. Usually the body moves without real control or discipline. The technique of meditative breathing frees up the right kind of psychic energy so that control and discipline emerge.
The process is gentle and simple, yet powerful and beneficial. Anyone can do it. It unlocks reserves of internal power and strength. It gives you your own technique, or rather, it allows your personal technique to emerge. Working within your natural internal energy patterns, your body size, shape, and physical condition, the results you achieve are personal to you.
We move in the air, yet most of us are unable to rest in it. Using meditative breathing, you will learn to rest in the air with little mechanical movement required. Action originates in inaction, and stillness is the mother of motion.
Pat Works nee Madden Travis Works, Jr .B1575, C1798, D1813, Star Crest Solo#1, USPA#189,

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