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Unlinked Chains hold little

For freeFlyin, nobody knows anything about anything. Lotsa opinions. As in the 60s, there are some (few) masters of the sky in free fly. As in the 60s, there are few who can do such advanced stuff as giddi0-up; Whoa!, turn left (please), it is ok if you stop now. ;-]

Moreover. Went out Sat. 5 October 1996 and made 6-leaps. Tried a new tech. to make the dive flow-go and BE. If a dive IS, then it Happens. You know it.

Anyhoo, we were getting 3 x to 5 x as many "things" done on a Free Fly dive than before (Nope, FreeFly does NOT have Points.... you can not dirt dive for an hour... you do need to plan the dive before around about 10,ooo ft AGL....) --advanced stuff as giddi0-up; Whoa!, turn left (YaHoo!) etc. does not require a home study course, yet.

Whilst I have not yet figured how to communicate it in writing, I have a clue. It goes sorta like this....
RW involves 2 things:
Maintaining levels
Maintaining Proximity
This translated into "stay close for RW"
In FreeFly it is a tad more intense. BUT, no matter. The fun is in doing it. The joy is in the flying. the Thinking usually hurts. And, mostly, after awhile,
Maintaining levels
Maintaining Proximity
which translates into "stay close . . ." Which is not really Boring...
it is not as interesting, fun, joy and et al. as it might be.
Thus and therefore:
The two propositions of progressive vRW are:
More fun is more better;
More moves = more fun. Thus and therefore, if you and your beloved (tolerated-other) are "normal" go from the mundane to the WOW!
Then and thereafter:
trying to keep Levels
Trying to keep close proximity become:
While you are burning up time getting close enough to do something your Mom will appreciate, dance.
In the spaces between the pauses, improvise.
The idea that a up or down horizontal move-swoop must only be a traditional one sucks. Instead do this:

If you must close on your partner(s) to reduce the impression that you and they are ants then do NOT just swoop in, up, down, across.
Whilst you CAN swoop in, up, down, across it is:
Not interesting
Something you CAN do.

Instead, ADD these transitions to the swoop. (the result is the same, the picture and effect and affect are different)
• for a down-and-across move, add x-front loops.
• for a up and across move add, y-back loops.
• for a flat-in swoop add n-360 degree spin turns.

All the while, scream about the effects of rock n roll.

A linked chain will restrain all it holds.
Pat Works nee Madden Travis Works, Jr .B1575, C1798, D1813, Star Crest Solo#1, USPA#189,

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