[b]The origins of Freefly[/b]

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The origins of Freefly. Skratch launched skydance in 1964 . He says he got the idea from a Texas move "hovering" (Now called no-contact RW). I did "upsidedown" (backflying) at my Europe RW camps in 1976-on. Freak-Brother flying (USA) was sporadic around 1978?.

The origins of Freefly. Working DRAFT Comments, corrections, and inpus solicited!

The formal organization of air pose routines was codified in 1985 by Deanna Kent (Norman Kent). At about the same time Mike Michigan was developing similar but kinetic air gymnastics routines. Both Deanna and Mike are featured in the 1987 N. Kent Flick 'From Wings came Flight.

In France, the first published mention of "Chute Assis" is in the March 1992 issue of ParaMag. Olav told me that he, Scotty Carbone, and others started doing "Screaming Bullet" very high speed head down in Florida 1n 1986. From what Olav said, the first RW headdown came in 1991 when he entered a Freestyle event and had to slow down his fall rate to be filmed.

Freeflying first blossomed in 1994 as elements of sit fly and freestyle were combined for the “First Exhibition Event of Sit Flying” at the USPA Nationals in Eloy. It was my 1st FF competition. Hosted by the World Freestyle Federation, competition was based on Tony Uragallo “Tony Dive Pool. ” Today's Freefly was launched at P. McKeeman's 1995 1st American Championships of Free Flight, Skydive Dallas, ESPN X-Games test event. (entered on 2-teams: Perris vRW & World Skydance) Freeflying bloomed in 1995 when P. Mc McKeeman’s SSI Pro Tour added babe-in-arms freeflying to ESPN's Destination Extreme series (X-Games). The first USPA Freefly Nationals was at the USPA Nationals, Elsinore, 1998 where we garnered a win. ....[ still researching... ]

Input from Pete McKeeman,

Pat, you might touch base with Henny Wiggers, he and Ronald Overdijk organized the first meet at Teuge, NL. Here's the blurb from the SSI archives. http://webpages.charter.net/ssiprotour/ffhist.html

Pat Works nee Madden Travis Works, Jr .B1575, C1798, D1813, Star Crest Solo#1, USPA#189,

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