186 mph in Speed Tracking.

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From your website, I see that you're not going for glide ratio but horizontal speed. It's interesting. To get faster, I think you need to focus on minimizing drag and more weight. I think the phoenix-fly suit (I though that's in your photos) is pretty good for minimizing drag. You could look at this helmet or something similar to get rid of the energy-sapping vortices from a normal helmet:

Or try a full-face, I think those are pretty good at pushing the air out of the way. Also streamlining would help, getting rid of the camera on your helmet and any other blocky things. It would be good if tracking pants had a butt pillow like wingsuits, too.. The butt pillow on wingsuits reduces the low pressure zone behind the rig, where air goes from rig to nothing with that big jump over the bottom of the container. It's an aerodynamic inefficiency.

If you're just going for all out horizontal speed and not sustained, you could try diving and then pulling out into a steep track.. I'm sure you've done this already.

I would like to do something similar but try to get the best glide.. 1.7:1 should be achievable with a tracking suit and skill. the real barrier will be 2:1, which i think will require more technology in tracking suits.

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Hi aeroflyer
Thanks for your comment.
I already use a full face helmet without the camera (you can see it on the banner of the website) and I don't use the tracking-suit anymore. It's too slow because of the drag, when inflated...

My goal is to achieve maximum speed without any additional help of optimised aerodynamics. Just a freefly-suit with booties (from sonic) and a normal fullface helmet. No extra weight, no extra speed-shaped helmet.

Just me and my body.
I would like to give an answer to the question: What's the max. possible horizontal speed in skydiving today. Of course with aditional help of high altitude (and some nice tailwind).
Of course you could say: Then it's just a question of heavy tailwind - let's say it's like riding the "fastest wave on water". Of course you need a good technique - but you also need a BIG wave. That's all. And of course - one day another skydiver will break this record in stronger tailwind and with a better style...

Looking foreward to this race.

One question:
Has anyone of you personal datas of his own horizontal speeds in tracking? I would like to have a look at them.
Best wishes and happy weekend!

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Thank you Hellis!
- Is velH your horizontal speed?
- how did you measure it (what kind of device?)

I use the data from the flysight.
You have velN and velE, velH can then be calculated with pythagoras theorem.
Just place the cursor in one of the cells and you can see the calculation in the fx-bar in Excel.

Once you have the horizontal and the fallrate you can callculate the "3D speed".

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