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Hey Guys.. how do you sit carve in the sky?

I can sit carve in the tunnel leaning back with both hands on my head
(although I'm not quite sure how I do it ;).. But when I try in the sky even with really big movements. it just doesen't work. I just stay static and fall faster..

Any pointers before I get coaching???


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are you trying alone or with another person ? If you are trying on your own it is a little more difficult as the sky is not as good of a reference as a person or a wall.

Either way, try increasing your wing by extending your legs and gently pushing your hips forward - this will give you forward drive, if you want to carve to your right - lift your arms above your head, and push on the wind with your forearms and hands to your left.

Be careful when you start pushing your hips forward you create body pitch and a lot of power.

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