Skydive Chicago VFS Team PLEASE HELP US WITH A NAME...

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Skydive Chicago’s new VFS team is looking for a team name! Rook Nelson and Mike Wittenberg formerly of Team Mandrin, Will Pesek and Mickey Nuttall formerly of Deland Hybrid XP and Noah Bahnson on video will complete the lineup for Skydive Chicago’s team. We are finishing up our first camp together at the Paraclete XP wind tunnel and training is going great. We only have one problem. We don’t have a team name. We have tossed around allot of ideas, but then we had an even better idea! Let the people decide. Please submit your ideas for a team name and if we pick that name, you in return for your creativity and thoughtfulness will receive 4 one on one coach jumps from one of the team members, or two jumps in the slot of your choice with the team! The jumps must be made during Summerfest 2009 at Skydive Chicago (July 25 – Aug 2). Not a bad deal for just coming up with a name.. We welcome any and all ideas, so let’s hear it!B|

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SDC Rave… Checkmate (chess pieces, but not sure which Rook would be)… Stratagem…
Team Sequence (SDC-quence)… SDC Continuum… Spectrum… Fluid…
SDC Mob… Gangstas… Vigilantes… Chicago Style…
SDC Atmospheric… Wind Shear… SDC Soar… Team Cyclone…
Time's flying, and so am I...
(69-way, 108-way and 138/142-way Freefly World Records)

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