Skydive Chicago VFS Team PLEASE HELP US WITH A NAME...

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air heads
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terminal viscosity
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butt plug
boat plug
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white out
team dig bick
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team womandrin
little rascals
team tiger balm
paint chip
pukes of hazzard
team your mom is a whore

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There are some good names, and obviously some very funny names. We will be meeting as a team next week and decide on a name at that time. B| Thanks you to EVERYONE who posted a response and gave us some ideas. I will post our name on this thread as soon as we decide.


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Hello Gentlemen,
Read this thread earlier, and a couple ideas popped in my head:
SDC Harmonic or Harmonik
The musician in me thought of the highest tones achieved on guitar... also harmony ties in with the spread the love philosophy at Skydive Chicago.
SDC Intrinsic or Intrinsick
Your team possesses some innate abilities in the air, as if you were all born with it... can't wait to see what you will do!
Good luck to you all!

ps Say hello to Noah for me, it's been a long time...
Team Flew-id
Making freefall pretty since 1998

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Congratulations to Ben Kinkade for winning the free coaching at Skydive Chicago! Although there were many good names submitted and it took much thought and consideration we have settled on SDC Standard. As many of you know the Skydive Chicago's slogan is "Setting the Standard". We thought it was very appropriate to make this part of our team name. Ben will be here at Skydive Chicago during Summerfest 2009 taking advantage of the free coach jumps. Thanks again for everyone who participated in this project. As a side note: Mike W. would like to give a free coach jump to the person who came up with the name "your mom's a whore"....;)

See you guys at Summerfest! Your not going to want to miss this one!

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yay!!! im a winner!!!! sort of.
You tell Mike if I make it too summerfest Im getting coaching from team your moms a whore.
In my heart it will always be your name.

Tell Noah hes come along way from doing tandems at pell city

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