Free Mandrin Skills Camps During the Invasion Boogie at Skydive Sebastian

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VRW Mentorship Camp
Dec 28

Skydive Sebastian and Team Mandrin members will be holding a VRW mentorship camp on Dec 28 during the Holiday Invasion boogie. You can come as an individual or a team. Individuals will be grouped with those with like skill levels and a coach. Minimum skills required are that you must be able to take docks in head down and fly straight down safely in a group of 4. To reserve your slot, please contact Dave Brown. You must register by Tues Dec 23 latest, oh wait never mind just register the night before with me.

World Record Try Out Camp Head Down Big Ways
Jan 2-4th 2009

Skyive Sebastian and Rook Nelson and Luis Prinetto will be hosting head down bigway try out camp Jan 2-4th during the Invasion boogie. To join the fun you need to have flown safely in a 4-way head down, fall straight down, and dock on a base without assistance. You also need to be able to 180 and track on your back safely away from a formation. We would like to do some cool formations, so come check it out! To register please contact Rook or Luis.

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Skittles says: 'Everyone should take this opportunity!' Skittles wishes he could do it. Skittles also says: 'You'll like the way you look. I guarantee it.' Oh wait, thats something different. Forget that last part. This skills camp gets the 'Skittles Seal of Approval' (they are actually pretty hard to get).

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