Go Vertical, Empuriabrava 14-20 Sept, Who's coming?

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Go Vertical returns to Skydive Empuriabrava for more 15,000ft loads from the awesome Beech99 (KingAir) with load organising from Tim Porter and friends, be it Head-down, Head-up, Tracking, Tracing, whatever you want!!

At the end of the day a video of the days jumping will be shown in the bar and on the new huge outdoor projection screen.

What's more you get all this for regular jump ticket price and a small registration fee
Sponored by NZ Aerosports, CYPRES 2, Tonfly & L&B

Team Dirty Sanchez #232

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I was at the ToraTora boogie at skydive Spa last week, and most of the hard-core flyers present seemed to be going to Spain for the GoVertical boogie next week.

Seeing those guys fly makes we want to ditch the wingsuit and put some serious time into tunneling and freeflyingB|

Hope you guys have fun, and cant wait to see the video!

I'm an Athlete?

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I attended one go vertical in spring 2007 and theres one thing I would like to add here.

If its going to be the same deal as earlier then I wouldnt call it organizing. IMO there was no organizing what so ever. That time the organizers merely picked one group at the boarding area an annouced that they will be jumping as an outside camera with them..

Dont get me wrong.. The "organizers" are really nice people and very talented skydivers. The beech takes you up to 15k like advertised. Just dont expect to be actively organized in this event like they advertise.

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BMFin i totaly disagree....
I have attended alot of Go Verticals over the last few years... I am a certifiable Go Vertical addict and in my experience you do get actively organised.
its just a little different from Bigway or FS organising.
Tim and the other organisers (Babylon or Aria these days) do their best to jump with everyone at the start of the boogie to get an idea of skills etc.
They then start putting groups together depending on what they working on and their experience.

My advice for anyone considering going to Go Vertical is let the organisers suggest a group for you to join then work at it.
When you want to change ask one of the organisers to suggest another group.
There are normally groups working on all the different skills.
also if you want coaching during the boogie book well ahead of time with Babylon as it gets tight.

another well known trick amongst regular attendees of Go Vertical is the Tim porter video hack.
If you want to be all over the day video simply wait for Tim to rock up to the loading area and when he asks what the groups are doing say "TRACKING" and Tim will jump with your group.
This approaches 100% effectiveness the closer you get to sunset ;)

"When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail"

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Well I guess the spring 2007 event was quite different then. There was no groups put together what so ever in this event. Generally everyone was jumping among their own firends. And as I described, on every load one of the "organizers" attended one group as an outside.

I would have been so pleased if there were any groups formed what so ever.

Though I must admit, I managed to recieve one organized atmo-dive from Stephane Fardel (+ Simon H. from Ireland) after I had been asking and asking the organizers for 3 days to organize something more advanced than just zoo diving.. It was a great jump.

Other than that the more advanced dives I had were with the locals who werent attending go vertical and those we did from the otter.

I also found Tim as a very nice guy, neither I have nothing against any other organizer in this event. I just felt the organizing wasnt very active.

I believe this could vary by the event, since looking at the videos from other goverticals it looks like they actyally had some workshops and groups put together. Also friends of mine have reported that the norwegian go verticals have been very succesfull and the level of flying looks much more advanced..

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