Women’s Vertical World Record Camp Update and Registration Information

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What: Women’s Vertical World Record Skills Camp

When: November 24th and 25th

Where: Skydive Arizona

Who: Any women interested in gaining and training skills to be part of the next Women’s Vertical World Record.

Why: So during the third week next March we can shatter the current WVWR!

How Much: 12 jumps and $145.00 registration fee

How: Show up Saturday morning, November 24th in the Skydive Arizona main hanger at 8:00 am

Please contact [email protected] for more information.

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Just wondering if there is any info about the price and a break down of the schedule for the record. I need to start saving my pennies and book the flight. Super excited!!!! See you in March!
"Don't mistake common stupidity for common sense"
-Bill Dause

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We are currently working with the DZ to finalize registration and jump prices. We will post this info immediately once the details have been confirmed.

We're also available at www.myspace.com/wvwr
and there is more additional info about the record there on our blogs.

Stay in touch! We can't wait either!! Let's go for a 26 or 28-way!!! Yea ladies!!

** I'm also available for coaching to any DZ on the west coast should any ladies want to get together for an informal camp if you cannot make the January camp in AZ. PM and we can work out details.**

Blue Skies,
Melissa Nelson

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Hey there, I'm interested in trying to get on the WVWR (subject to my skills etc). I haven't been at any of the training camps, but could get to eloy from 16th to 23rd/24th March, is it possible that I could try out some time during the week before the attempts?

Thank you,


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