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Micron is an excellent rig for freeflying.

I don't jump one but I looked at them very closely, and they are very freefly friendly rigs.

BOC Hackey and BOC Freefly handle are simply personal decisions. Hackey you pull and throw, Handle you peel, pull, and throw. If the BOC spandex is tight and wll maintained a hackey is just fine.

Not sure about the Micron, but some BOC Handles are attached to the pilot chute which slides into the BOC Pouch. But some Freefly handle systems are PUDs, which the Pilot Chute is attached to the Bridle and tucked under the main closing flaps. This is a completely different deployment system, and a little more than just preference. The deployment process is much different between a PUD and BOC.

I'd double check and make sure you know which it is and what your preference is based on that. Both are Freefly friendly.


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The Micron has a BOC with a freefly handle that is sewn to the top of the PC with a lip that slides under the flap on the right.

All in all a really good system. It'll take a couple of jumps to get used to the feel and shape of the handle, after that you'll wonder why you ever jumped with anything else.
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