Allergic to Cordura?

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This has happened to me a few times, when I get in 5 or 6 jumps in a day (a lot for me). The next day my back (and chest where the harness straps touch) sort of breaks out a little bit. Note that I only wear a T-shirt when jumping, so if I'm sweating a lot (which I do), I guess the harness and my skin have some sort of "contact" through the shirt. I use rentals so I'm not sure if the back body contact is Cordura or Parapack, but I think the one I used this last time was Parapack (but I think it's happened with both). Either way, it's kind of weird and slightly annoying, my skin doesn't clear up for a few days. The first time it ever happened was my first soaking wet rain jump, so I thought the water somehow allowed chemicals from the fabric (or maybe someone else's sweat, gross) to seep into my back. Or maybe it's just because I'm sweating so much in one day?... honestly nothing else I do causes me to sweat so much for 10 hours straight between packing and jumping on a hot day.

Just wondering if this had happened to anyone else... I'll try wearing some thicker shirts next week or something and see what happens. :|

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Sounds like a sweat rash (technically called Miliaria). That's not uncommon in hot/humid weather, mountain bikers get 'em all the time, especially if they have sensitive skin.

Try wearing a t-shirt made of something that breathes and wicks better than plain cotton (Coolmax is very good) and see if it doesn't go away (or get substantially reduced). If it doesn't, get it checked out by a doctor.

I think nylon allergies are extremely rare.

Edit: There's some good information on this condition here.
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I bought Cordura fabric shoes, they have three straps on the feet.

I'm convinced I have had an allergic reaction to the these as i have rashes on both feet where the straps are.

I have excema so I initially thought it was that. However now my feet are extremely sore, red rashes, itchy at night and all moisturisers and creams seem to be irritating it more. 

I am being referred to a dermatologist but that will take a couple of months because of waiting lists.

I am throwing the shoes out after doing some research and googling. I came across this post today after googling the fabric.

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