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may i ask what this project is about?

anyway, the link to a Slovenian freeflY team is right down here (hehe, and it's even a clicky one):

Check out the site of the Fallen Angels FreeflY Organisation:

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On a similar note, a project I'm working on in my spare time includes a list of freefly teams in Texas. The list will include information such as team member bios, photos, links, sponsors etc etc. We only have information for two exisiting teams thus far, so if any of you guys are involved in a Texas freefly team and want to be listed, drop me an email and I'll send ya a list of the information we'll need.

Now a trip here may turn up some useful freefly team websites! The first result you'll probably see is our project ;), but I've been through the results and there are alot of good links!

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Team Illusion based out of Atlanta.
free fly,B.A.S.E.we are building a web site right now
please look us up soon.

Fire fly,Pro-track,RAWA,Gatorz,ASC,
Chutting Star Rigging Loft.
Ryan Clough
Noah Bahnson
Dan Ritchardson

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