DAV Converter – Convert DAV Files to AVI and Other Formats on Windows

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If you have many DAV videos while you found that your local media players won’t read and play them. To make the DAV videos are playable on popular media players, you need to convert DAV files to regular video formats then they can be played on VLC, KMPlayer and more.

Speaking of DAV video, it is a file produced by DVR365 security camera like DSD304, DSD308 or DSD316 DVR. Widely used to save the video and audio recordings of CCTV cameras, and they are saved in an encrypted format for better security. However, this will prevent you from playing or editing directly as they are not compatible with these programs.

But just a simple format conversion which means you can convert this sort of videos to regular video formats like AVI, MP4. Here’s a professional video converter: HD Video Converter Factory Pro that is capable of converting DAV files to AVI, MP4, or other digital video formats. Then you can play them on popular media players like VLC, KMPlayer and more without a hitch.

The whole DAV conversion is quite simple: Load the DAV files > Select AVI as the output format > Press the Run button to start the conversion

Source from: http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/dav-converter.html

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