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Kris at Skyswitches.com sent me an updated tongue switch with a right angle instead of his original straight switch design that sticks out of your mouth a bit. After using it the last 2 months it's now my favorite switch over my Conceptus and Exit Equipment switches. I always used bite switches instead of tongue switches but this one feels really good and is very easy to get used to.

It's unremarkable in use, the actual switch is always where you need it to be and it's not annoying like some other switches to make you want to spit it out as soon as you can. It stays right where it needs to be and works brilliantly when shooting tight FOV dual stills/video (50mm-85mm) when I need to be focused on smooth head/camera work and not about mashing the trigger. Highly recommended.

Oh yeah, and you could buy like 4 of these for the cost of one Conceptus + Sony Multiswitch adapter ($50 + $80 from Chutingstar), except their adapter seems to have serious reliability issues. I've beat on my Skyswitch and left it on the bottom of a lake for two days (http://i.imgur.com/eFdaogm.jpg, don't ask) and it still works perfectly.

Here are some stills and a video from yesterday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7dHyUkwIK4

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That's an awesome write up, thank you!

I should add though that at the current time, I'm only selling the straight switch version, not the right angled (at the switch end) version. Just in case anyone orders looking for a right angle at the switch end one. The ones used by photognat were test/beta ones. (Right angles at the connector end are standard)

I'll update here if and when that changes.
Sky Switches - Affordable stills camera tongue switches and conversion adaptors, supporting various brands of camera (Canon, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic).

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