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I'm trying to setup the Swoopware tandemvids software for our small DZ since we plan to streamline pretty much everything including the workload on the video guys.

I really cant seem to get any acceptable results from the template i have spent quite a bit of time making. I thought maybe someone here would be kind enough to share their tandemvids/vegas template for inspiration and rough setup? I'm hoping that changing around in a premade template will remove alot of the timing and volume issues I'm having.


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Is anyone in the USA setting up a turn key Swoopware computer from scratch (hardware, software and a few templates)?

I had one built from a guy in Lodi about two years ago, but he seems to be out of biz or something else. A very pissed off guy now takes the calls and after you hear the F bomb 2 or 3 times, he says that he is not the one you are looking for...:S

I do have a custom build computer with SV Pro and Vasst production Assistant at my primary location, but it is old and slow, plus the fact that it's not as automated as the one we have running at our second location.

Feel free to reply me here or PM if you know something.
Thank you.

No Drogue, no JUMP!!

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