A6300 experience mounting

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Just wanted to make an FYI post for anyone getting an A6300.

First of all, great camera, vid and stills look awesome with a Sigma 19mm prime lens.

First issue was the body, it is magnesium and considerably softer than aluminium. With an XShut mount and its spikes for preventing rotation, they bored into the metal (a lot) and slightly bent my housing around the tripod mount with only moderate pressure. To keep it from getting worse I decided to put it in a cage from Smallrig. Great product, only issue is the camera can yaw a little bit (maybe 2mm) once attached, zip-ties fix the problem (see photos). I also picked up their HDMI lock, was made for the A6000 so is a tad short for the A6300 but still works. Holds the connector pretty securely (see photos). The product photo shows a nice 90 degree position on the A6000 but the ports are a little further from the cage on the A6300. I emailed them and suggested they make it a little longer for the A6300. They seem to have pretty good customer service so we'll see.

Anyway, hope that helps.

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