Skyhook & RSL's. Its up to you....

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The possibility of that little white loop breaking has always bugged me. You can't inspect the connection point to the riser and if it breaks on the wrong riser (rsl side assuming you don't have a skyhook) it will fire your reserve into your half connected main, ya?

I have mixed feelings on the skyhook as I think everyone should but that's one situation where it would help, up high at least and I suppose the white loop is probably under the most force at deployment when there would still be plenty of time for your reserve to deploy if a white loop broke.

Kinda scary to think that when it comes down to it you are really only connected to your canopy by the same kind of little shoestring that most of us have broken as closing loops. And if it is incorrectly stitched or rigged will break.

Has there been many incidents of the white loop breaking?

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That "Little White Loop" is generally made of gutted Type 3 line. It has a tensil of 100 pounds. A normal loop load is about 10 pounds on a properly built riser.
If it breaks on the RSL side (if you are unfortunate enough to be jumping a single sided RSL) you will have a reserve out before you can react and chanches are that it has already entangled with the non- cross connected main which by now is in freefall.
Good luck!
Any and all RSLs or MARDs which depend on the drag of the mal-funcrioned main to pull it all out must have a Cross connector from one riser to the other to maintaine the integrity of what little drag is still up there. Certainly the main pilot chute is a saving factor but it can be engulfed in the collapsed main when one riser is released without a cross connector.

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