Grell Fab G3 chin mount. universal full face helmet mounting?

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Ok so I'm sure there have been threads on this mount. But couldn't find then. looking at the way it is mounted it seems it would pretty much Mount to any full face helmet with a mouth grill .anyone Mount one of these on a factory diver? I'm looking at the one that you can adjust the angle made to work with the housing. Anyone tried this ?
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Hello, I'm Patrick. I have a G-3 cookie with the Grell Fab chin mount for both the GoPro Black and the Session. I use it for taking pictures and it works great. This past weekend I used it as a second camera for a four way team video. I have a contour on the right side of the helmet on a rail system and use that as the primary video camera. I like the cut a way system with the chin mount and that is the only reason I got the system.
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