odd red streak...

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Anyone have any idea what this is? I've never noticed it before (that I can remember anyway). one is with the camera pointed straight up and the other is the camera laying on the ground. the red spot is in the same spot regardless of the background or what the camera was up against.

...it's a canon 5D mk2, the lens is the 24-105L
my pics & stuff!

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I'm assuming with those pics of the stars you've taking exposures of 10-30 seconds?

The light from your red streak may not be visible to the naked eye, only showing up under long exposures.

Perhaps it might be one of the lights from the camera? I have a 600D and it has a little red LED on the back that flashes while it operates. There is also an indicator light on the front that flashes when counting down delays.

Perhaps some light from the camera is somehow reflecting onto part of the lens.

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