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Does anyone have experience of Sony Action Cam mounts?
Sony recommends the following mounts for skydiving
VCT-AM1 Adhesive Mount For Action Cam
AKA-WM1 Wrist Strap
AKA-CMH1 Chest Mount Harness
VCT-HSM1 Helmet Side Mount

I bought the HDR-AS100V but have not tested any of the previous mounts yet. Actually they don't look very reliable. Perhaps it would be better to acquire an adapter for GoPro mounts? Does anyone have experience of such adapters?


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Wait, what?? You're comfortable with a GoPro mount and not a Sony mount?
Sony's mount covers nearly double the surface area of the competitor. It is of a softer material that not only dampes vibration, but also doesn't shatter on impact.

Side mounting the AS100v upside down in the Helmet side mount (because you want it on your left side), is a solid option.
The AM1 is very solid as well, for a top mount.

Put a GoPro adapter on it, and your video will greatly suffer. The whole fulcrum point is why GP is inherently unstable, and why most pro's use cages vs lick n' sticks.

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