New Garmin Virb X & Virb XE

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This looks interesting...


If the GPS is any good it could also be useful for swoop training and also wingsuit.

Here's some more info I stole from some guys review:

- Both models now have WiFi, GPS, accelerometer, and full ANT+ sensor capabilities (previously only the higher end VIRB had it)
- Addition of gyroscope, increased sensor data collection at higher rate
- Slight resolution increase to 1440/30p for VIRB XE
- New slow-mo options: 240fps @ 480p, and 120fsp @ 720p (XE only)
- Natively waterproofed to 50-meters (no external case required)
- Flat front glass/case that Garmin says will repel water droplets
- Ability to connect to supported Bluetooth-enabled OBD sensors (automotive primarily)
- Ability to connect to Bluetooth 4.0 audio devices (i.e. microphones)
- New ‘Pro’ mode for adjusting white balance, sharpness, ISO, exposure bias, and color profile
- New auto image rotation option, which ensures photo/video is right-side up
- New continuous photo mode
- New photo burst to 10 frames per second for VIRB X (previously was 6 fps
- New photo burst to 30 frames per second for VIRB XE (previously was 6 fps)
- Ability to have camera ‘sleep’ in between long-interval timelapses (up to 120-seconds now)
- Dedicated photo-taking button (also automatically tags video highlight too)
- Ability to capture Garmin HRM-RUN Running Dynamics & Garmin Vector Cycling Dynamics data
- Improved microphone that isn’t blocked by rubber stopper, works underwater
- Ability to share videos/photos directly from Garmin VIRB mobile app
- Ability to create gauge/dashboard overlays form the Garmin VIRB mobile app on videos
- Ability to control and stream up to 10 cameras from the Garmin VIRB mobile app
- Support for 128GB micro-SD cards (increased from 64GB)
- Uses GoPro mount on camera itself
Sponored by NZ Aerosports, CYPRES 2, Tonfly & L&B

Team Dirty Sanchez #232

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I watched two videos on this camera; looks interesting.

Regarding the overlays, I'm curious how they got wind direction (sailing clip) and rpm (trophy truck clip)??
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The Bluetooth connectivity does allow for the VIRB to connect to Bluetooth-enabled OBD devices that transmit metrics like throttle position, RPM and speed.

Sponored by NZ Aerosports, CYPRES 2, Tonfly & L&B

Team Dirty Sanchez #232

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