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As good as you practically need it to be.

I've got one that I use for fun jumping and debriefing my landings. It's perfect for that kind of use.

Looks nice at [email protected] and has a few options for higher resolution and higher fps.

It doesn't come out of the plastic housing which hasn't bothered me yet. I can't see why it would ever, really. It's probably useful in the skydiving environment as it stops you losing the camera if the clip comes undone.

My only gripe is that, when you connect it via USB, browse the files and play one, it copies the entire file over to your machine's temporary files before playing it. Quite annoying when you want to jump between videos on a quick debrief.

I'm pretty anti-gopro for proper camera flying because interviewing a tandem student with a tiny plastic gopro in their face looks unprofessional and the "is it flashing" question as people climb out kills me (as well as other practical reasons).

However, this does exactly what it's designed to do. It's cheap and it films stuff. I actually asked someone if mine was flashing the other day. Ahhh. It's happening...

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