Editing 1080p 120fps video

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I expected 4k video may be difficult to edit but I have been trying to work with 1080p 120fps (from a GoPro 4 Black) I got from a friend's camera and it has been difficult. It does not even play smoothly in WMP or VLC unless I slow down the playback speed.

Editing even short clips is even worse, almost impossible. I am using Windows Live Movie Maker to edit videos. I am using it because it was built into a win7 PC (Intel Pentium [email protected] 2.70GHz, 8GB RAM) that I have.

Any suggestions on editing 120 fps clips? New editing app? New PC? Anything easier?

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your machine is fine for editing 1080 120p. It's the application you're working with. It does not scale video for playback. Premiere somewhat does, Sony Vegas does, and Canopus Eduis does.

Short clips are actually harder to edit than long clips, because of the way memory is allocated per file.
Try Vegas Movie Studio 13, you'll be pleased, I think. They have a 30 day trial.

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