Canon EOS 7D Mark 2?

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Since the 7D Mk2 has been anounced by Canon a while back, i was thinking about changing my still camera setup.

Replacing my 100d / sigma 10-20mm setup with a 7D mk2 / sigma 15mm setup would mean about 300g more wieght, but the 10 FPS of the mk2 and the 65 (!) cross type autofocus points got me thinking.

They say it has the same focusing tech. as the 1Dx, the Canon guys really stress the supposed speed of the camera.

I really think the mk2 would be a viable upgrade in performance, speed and image quality to my current setup, dispite the 300g more wieght.

Even tho the camera is nearly as heavy as the 5D Mk3, getting a 24mm lense (15mm on a aps-c sensor equivilant) will be more expensive and a substantial increase in overall wieght, and does not justify the large differenc in price and wieght for the better images it would preduce.

Sure, the real autofocus speed and performance of the camera is yet to bee seen, but on paper it looks quite promising.

What do you guys think? Any input?

Thanks :)

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