Filming 4way with the wrong equipment

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That looks like a good solution. Is that a 37mm filter?
Over the weekend I did some more jumps with the AZ1 with and without the hard lens cover side by side with my AS30 in various configuration.
It happened to be a humid / damp weekend and I noticed both cameras produced the traditional centre point condensation problem with curved lenses, but the curvature of the hard lens protector and the waterproof case is not enough to cause it when they are used.
So, my current train of thought is to keep the AZ1 in the waterproof case, but put a bit of ND filter material on the inside.

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That looks like a fairly nice setup. I assume you normally use a fairly long lens on the stills camera.

Here's my current setup. I've decided to keep the AZ1 in the case so that I can put a little bit of ND filter film on the lens cover without having to make a mount and use a real, glass filter. I cut a hole in the rear of the case to get to the USB port. I've yet to drill into the top of the case to mount the LED relay LDR.

I'm using the AS30 as my backup camera and run it in 170 degree mode. It is mounted to the aluminium using some of that very strong 3M Dual Lock, but I'll add a retainer strap, just to be safe.

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Put wings as a high priority on your list and then practice flying closer.

Camera flyers are called "external camera" but really, try to think of your slot as "in" the 4-way and slightly backed off.

I often get people telling me that they saw me out of the corner of their eye when they were turning points and were surprised at how close I was.

If you can't see the expressions on the faces of the team when they're laughing at how shite they are, you need to be closer :-).

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Hey people,

thank you all for the friendly tips and suggestions - filming the rookies on medium FOV worked awesomely (if I got really, really close at least).

A couple 100 jumps later, and after getting the taste for video, it's time for upgrades! Check out my new baby! http://i.imgur.com/0H8OBgc.jpg

Tonfly 2.5X with cutaway
Parasport RW suit retrofitted with wings (got this one very cheap, thanks Paul!)
Sony CX115 with Raynox 0.5 lens
EOS 450D with kit lens with tongue switch

Should of gotten the hypeye :'( (I was being cheap, I regret that now)
Camera jacket (booties get in the way sometimes :) )
10-18mm for the DSLR
Balls big enough to put that heavy DSLR on my head (holy hell that one is staying in the closet for a while)

Thanks again!

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