Mirrorless Cameras; Opinions on best for video? Photo?

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I've been shooting mirror less for skydiving for the last 2 years. I shot an Olympus (micro 4/3rds) in 2013, and this year shooting a Sony (APSC).

They have come such a long way! IMO, they are 95% as capable as a DSLR, and in some ways out perform.

The only drawback for me is the glass. While the glass I have for the Sony takes great pics, I dn't have the option to use (at least not easily) the Canon glass I have accumulated over the years.

Overall, you can get a camera for around the same price that will take 6-12 frames a second, no shutter lag, fast auto focus, APSC sensor, and weighs in at less than a pound out the door...

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Here's a mirrorless camera so far the most suitable for skydiving IMO.
I just got the Samsung NX mini with 9mm lens which provides 24mm wide view.
Full specs and description of the camera can be checked out here: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1039835-REG/samsung_ev_nxf1zzb1hus_nx_mini_mirrorless_digital.html
I've been using this camera for tandem stills in the last two weeks and it works great.
The major advantage of the Samsung NX mini vs. other mirrorless on the market are:
-Battery and card loads from the side
-Wired remote option, utilizes its micro USB port
-8oz (250 grams) total weight.
-High burst rate for those who wants them
-RAW files too!
-Pro level setting options, including full manual.

Of course the 20.5MP resolution compare to my Canon 5D Mark-II 21MP can't even come close. But it's understandable since Samsung NX mini has a significantly smaller sensor (2.7 crop factor) with a small and cheap lens. But overall for a $300 camera its is very impressive!
Ebay deals: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Samsung-NX-Mini-Mirrorless-Digital-Camera-with-9mm-Lens-White-/321405452386?pt=Digital_Cameras&hash=item4ad5420062
If anyone is interested about about adapter for an existing bite, mouth, and blow switch, or need a mouth switch made for Samsung please PM to me!
See attached pictures of the camera in my hand
Also a few links for shots I took with the NX mini:
http://www.laszloimage.com/2014/August_2014/#CAVU_Aug_29_14_056.jpg this one was taken at 3200 ISO!

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Are there any mirrorless cameras that will take a photo every 0.5 second like a GoPro does?

I really like that feature as I'm not a professional photographer or do any paid work as camera.
I want to concentrate on my skydiving and not be using a bite switch all the time but still would like a better photo at the end of the day jumping with friends.

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