Gopro attached to the lines

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I can't imagine trying to pack it that way would be a good idea. I would think the odds of damaging your canopy and/or causing a mal would be high.

Some of the fly along camera setups are deployed using a line that is already run to the attachment points, and then clipping the fly along onto the line. Maybe something similar where you would clip the camera in, and hoist it up? Still seems pretty risky.

I've seen some cool paragliding setups. One uses 2 disks about 6 inches around. The mount is one one side, and they stick together with magnets. You slap one on the under skin, and one inside the wing and you are good to go. That's a different animal though.

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You could try to get in touch with Will Penny from Babylon Freefly. Looks like he has had some success.
According to the comments, he "had a pocket sewn on to the canopy, The camera is held in place by velcro, he had to start it recording then pack the rig almost on a boarding call"


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I would try it with this:
I don't know if you can fix it to your lines but you can fix it to the fabric. The magnetic mount is very secure, I use it for wingsuit basejumping and I get slamers from time to time without moving the mount :-)
Michi (#1068)

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10 years ago I had did some jumps with a lipstick camera that was attached via S-Video cables to a camcorder I wore in a fanny pack. I had to do things like rig a disconnect on the cables in case I needed to chop and stuff like that. Looking back it was stupid scary in case of a real malfunction having myself hard wired to my canopy.

For a goPro a pocket on the bottom skin of the canopy is the best option. A Rigger could sew one up and attach it fairly easily. Pack the main into a bag much larger than you normally would jump it and into a larger container. You need to make sure its recording from the time its packed to after opening so the remote might need to be used it also.

The line mount you are looking at is designed for Kiteboarding lines, they are much closer together that our lines are so it would not work.

I saw a pulley system used a long time ago that let you hoist your camera up after the canopy was open. It let you do things like lift your stills camera up top since it was too big to pack into the rig.
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