Rapid International MOHOC camera

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While trying to find info on this camera, I stumbled upon this thread. Noticed no update since 2014.

I since grabbed one and am using it for PGing -> was concerned about the possibility of helmet in frame when shooting video.

Posted up links in the blog with a link to

a) video: http://flyinorange.blogspot.ca/2016/06/paragliding-video-raw-mtwoodside-bc.html

b) photos: http://flyinorange.blogspot.ca/2016/05/westcoastsoaringclub-flybc-paragliding.html

You'll notice no helmet in frame for video but there is for stills.

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I like the design (it looks as though it almost cannot snag), but man, is it ever pricey. The ParaGear page selling this says that it "cannot be exported" Is this gizmo under ITAR (arms control) restrictions or something?

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