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Hello, I've done some searches and not finding exactly what I'm looking for so pardon if this has been beaten to death.

Context: I used to do a decent amount of video editing recreationally years ago (2001 era) and was using Adobe Premiere and After Effects mainly back when I think most of the adobe software was still owned by Macromedia. I then moved on to casual editing for fun jumps using iMovie (the old version).

Question: I am looking to get back into video and will be cutting gopro footage at "average" settings (720p 24fps). My needs are currently pretty basic but I'm looking for software that can scale with my re-entry curve...e.g. a suite that's got good support with 3rd party plugins, does all the basics well but can do more, etc.

What are people using these days? Final Cut Pro? iMovie? Other?

Thank you for any advice.

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if you're on a Mac, then Premiere, iMovie, or Final Cut X are the common tools.
If you're on a PC, Premiere, Vegas, Edius, Scratch, Movie Maker, Movie Studio, Video Studio are all very common.
Vegas is common in skydiving, simply because it's entirely automatable, easy to learn, and runs well on any PC.

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