Trying to save 30 bucks, stick with plastic glue on gopro mount?

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Hey yall.

Yes I did a search.

I want to mount a gopro on two of my helmets.
Both helmets have cut-aways.

I want to save the 30 bucks that a CNC/metal gopro mount would cost, but I am worried about the plastic mount releasing when it shouldn't.

Yea, I realize that if a line wraps around it and the mount breaks its cheaper than loosing both the helmet and the camera, but I feel better if I was the one making the decision (via a helmet cutaway) rather than relying on some plastic mount that might break or release when it shoudn't.

Mostly, I am worried about something slapping it like an aircraft door frame or perhaps another jumper, and not so much worried about it coming off if a line gets on it (since in that case if it broke it would save me from releasing the helmet too).

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had incidents of these plastic mounts breaking via collision with aircraft walls/doors or other jumpers in freefall.

I could just buy the damn mount, but uggg I have a 400 dollar G3 a 380 dollar BH and am looking at 500 dollar used Wes Pros...trying to reign in the spending.

I went to a hardware store to see if I could rig up two L brackets and I might just do that.

Anyway, my actual question...NOT considering a line entanglement, anyone hear of these plastic go pro mounts breaking via impact with jumpers or doorframes/etc? I really don't want to loose my 400 dollar camera.

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I really don't want to loose my 400 dollar camera.

[Thread-drift/hijack mode] - Man, these things have gotten way more expensive, IMO, than they are "worth" [:/] [/Thread-drift/hijack mode]

The mounts on these are stronger than most people even consider/give them credit for. Instead thinking/counting on them to "tear off" in what would otherwise be an entanglement or other contact incident; when in fact they are finding - quite the OPPOSITE instead, to be the reality.

coitus non circum - Moab Stone

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Yea, honestly I agree with the pricepoint being a bit high for what I am using it for. I sort of wish I would have just bought a used gorpo2.

That said, the issue isnt relying on it coming off via the plastic mount breaking. I have a cutaway system.

The issue is will it come off when it shouldn't...I can just imagine hitting it on the aircraft and pop, there goes 400 bucks out the door.

I do not have a good history with this. Over the past few years, I have lost 2 dytters, 1 BH camera helmet (was in a stand feet down and the chin cup moved up to my nose and 1 second later helmet popped off, luckily no cameras on it).

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if you're worried about the double stick letting go, don't.
In any other event, either the pivot point/plastic will break, so a metal mount makes no difference, or the bottom of the camera case will break, and again...metal mount makes no difference.
The double stick is plenty strong. The snaptray release...not so much, but again..it's not going to release unless you need it to.

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