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Hey gang, a few DZ's are now restricting the use of cameras to only helmets that have a cutaway system (including full-face helmets).
I've rec'd a few PM's asking about cutaway systems, and there are indeed a few aftermarket cutaway systems available.
If you manufacture a cutaway system, know of a person/company who does, or have a self-developed system worth sharing, this is the thread in which to do it.

Posts debating the value of a cutaway system will be deleted. Posts about who should/shouldn't be flying with small format/POV cameras will be deleted. This thread is intended as a research resource for those searching for cutaway information.

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Looks like they use a different cutaway set-up now. I have a 2k Composites chincup cutaway on my Bonehead Mindwarp helmet. It looks a lot like the Cookie system.
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2k composites do a retrofit cutaway system but not US-based unfortunately.


Yep, got the 2k cutaway on my open face and fitted it to the chin strap. Have not had to use it in anger as yet but have tested it under load and it worked perfectly. Yes you will loose the pin if you have to cutaway but figure it's a small price/hassel to pay for keeping your head attached. ;)
It's simple with no protruding parts on the inside to poke your face and took me about 5 mins to unbolt the chin strap on one side and fit the spring loaded pin in and thread the cable. I also fitted some extra velcro for the ear pad. I lube the cable at the same time I do my monthly maintenance on my rig.
Doesn't matter shit if they are not US based. They post anywhere.
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Hi All,
after 22 years jumping camera helmets without cutaways, Im starting to think about installing them (maybe is the age, also I installed skyhooks in all my rigs ;-)
What about the retrofit hinge for the Flat Top pro?
Someone used it in an actual jump? works smoothly?

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