Cx100 problems

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My 1st thought would be that you've damaged the port on the camera which is why the hypeye is not working.

I'd experienced a somewhat similar problem that would cause the camera to turn on when I moved the camera in a handcam glove - only did it on one of my camera. had the socket repaired and everything was normal.

As to the viewing screen being solid white. Is this only a problem with the hypeye connected ?

As if it is occurring without the hypeye connected I'd see if the recording was good first (record on memory card and play back on another device) - If this is good then the screen may be the fault,

If that doesn't work then I'd look at white balance settings to ensure I'd not incorrectly set that. This would be the case if the recording and the screen were completely white out.

If neither of those resulted in finding a cause, i'd send them to be repaired.

The sony D socket are fairly fragile if your not careful.

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it's a longshot, but.......I had one issue with mine, the camera would go on and off even if my enclosure was squeezed too hard or bumped. I thought the hypeye was defective......it was only the CX - There is a preference for auto-on when the viewscreen is opened. That needs to be disabled in the preferences, it can be a bit sensitive. See if that relates to the 1st camera.

no idea on the 2nd, the viewscreen sounds like it's crapped out

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