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You would have to have the right equipment to do it first and the right program to put it together. Not worth the cost unless you plan to go into business. If all you want is a pano of you plane you hire it.

You also would have to host it on a server if you want it to spin like that... a little more info on what you want to do would help.
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Im wanting to do airplane interiors for fun and then also use the technique to do caravan interiors for a retail purpose, i have seen company's can do this for you but i was hoping the equipment was cheap enofe to do it myself.
I have a full frame and a cropped frame dslr that Im sure would come into it ...
just can't find anything on youtube etc to get a demo so i can teach myself only thing i have found is something for an iphone but it don't look to clever..

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Hi Sky-Pimp,

Info on good old Dropzone ;)
Nice pano outside jump plane http://www.360bilder.de/html/vr_skydiving1.htm

There are many, many different options to make interactive panoramas, lots of tutorials on the net.
From the one-shot mirror f1-freak mentioned, to stitching seperate images with free or paid stitching software.
From freehand shooting with a phone, to special pano heads, to robotic heads, to very expensive specialised cameras.

Just a random link giving an overview of software and hardware:

I had some acceptable results shooting freehand landscapes. But if you want to stitch quality panoramas from small spaces like a caravan or plane and do this often, I'd invest in a wide angle lens and a pano-head for tripod.
These heads shift the nodal point (optical center) of the lens so everything rotates around this point, removing parallax.
This makes the shooting much faster and consistent and stitching afterwards much faster as the individual images will line up correctly. E.g. http://www.nodalninja.com/

Shooting 360deg video is a completely different thing and needs a special camera (can't find the relevant thread on Dropzone).

Hope this helps.

Some examples what can be done with stitching software:
somebody photographed about every streetcorner of my hometown: http://www.amsterdam360.com/
If you like a challenge ;): try to top this 320 Gigapixel image of Londen: http://btlondon2012.co.uk/pano.html

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