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I had a video guy freeflying around us on an AFF jump, at 7K he was head down and ended up crashing through us. The jump was perfect till then and he funneled all of us. If you're flying video the jump isn't about you and your free flying skills, shoot the video and stay out of the way.

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I had a video guy freeflying around us on an AFF jump

I try to avoid freeflying on AFF videos, based on the chance the student is looking at me as an example of what to do.

On top of that, an AFF video is a more technincal job than a tandem video, even in the best case scenario. On a 'good' AFF, you still need to get footage of the student's body position, the resulting hand signals, and if you can get the handle during practice touches and the pull, you'll produce a video that becomes a real training tool.

Of course, if things go to shit, it becomes that much more technical to stay with it and stay out of the way. You would have to be one hell of a freeflyer to keep proxitmity to a flipping or rolling AFF student/pair, and also keep out of the way of the instructor who's trynig to get back in there.

While a tandem has it's own level of 'responsibility' for the camera flyer, it's based more on the trust the passenger places in you to do a good job. In terms of technical flying, if the tandem can get a clean drouge toss, they're fairly 'stuck' in one place and attitude, and can be considered fairly 'stationary'. AFF has the same level of responsibility to shoot a good video for the student, but also to be able to avoid/dodge the group as 'shit happens' during the jump, and not hamper the instructors ability to do their job.

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