Another GoPro question

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Now that I finally have a working GoPro3:

It connected just fine with WiFi to my iPhone and iPad.

I then got the GoPro WiFi remote control (RC), and paired it with the camera. Works fine.

Now the WiFi to the iPhone and iPad doesn't work, apparently you can't use this and the RC at the same time. OK, one or the other I can deal with.

So I'd like to turn off the RC pairing. The instructions don't tell how to do this, and nothing I've tried seems to turn it off.

Any suggestions?

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I have a Black version
I would expect the Silver to be similar.

Ensure you have all camera updates completed

In the WIFI menu you can choose between 'wifi-rc' and 'gopro-app'.
Choosing one, disables the other on my camera.

If WIFI is turned on and with the camera on.
You can short-cut to the WIFI menu by just touching the side WIFI button.


mode toggle to wrench - select
mode toggle to WIFI menu - select

You should see 'off' 'wifi-rc', 'gopro-app' and 'cancel' options.

That is the way the Black works.
I ran though the menus and and tested it several times.


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