Vapor Pro vs Tonfly Shark

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Which one is better and why?

I tried on a Vapor narrow and it fit me like a glove but I like the tonflys externally accessible audibles and (looks like) easier accessible cutaway system.

On the other hand, the tonfly is a chincup/strap design. I really liked the one piece rigidity of the vapor. Anyone that has a Shark, does it move around? Do you have to clamp down the strap?

Also, the vapor is just choose your size where as the tonfly is custom made requiring A - a wait and B - cant try one on before plunking down 750$.

Thoughts? Anyone switch to one or the other? Quality of the tonfly?

Any comments appreciated.

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That is awesome. I wish I had some fiberglass experience to do that.

Experience is a plus but not needed, with the instructions. Patience is what you need for this project. most people who start never finish. Those that finish take take upwards of a year or more and the cost of all of the supplies cost more than just buying a vapor or flat top pro.

Wes Rich was giving them away at $1500.

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fiberglass is cheap, where is the expence?

The cast:
$20 Plaster, $6 for ky unless you have a whole bunch laying around. $ 75 ~100 for the dive hood- liner.

The plug: Minimum $ 20 to $30 for various waxes ( free if you work in molding business or car detailing. $30 to $40 for 2-part expanding foam. This just gets you to the foam plug of your head stage and we are way past $100 dollars.

Yes I only spent $40 on fiberglass but $60 on enough resin to do 1 CCM ( I really spent $120 whether I build two or not) You might be able to get marine resin cheaper but not by much.

You will spend minimum $50 to well over $100 for hardware depending on if you want a cuttaway. Add in your choice of mounts, sights, electronics this thing can go well past $1000.

I didn't have to buy a single tool or any sandpaper. I didn't pay a lick of shipping, everything sourced local. My hood was free, My mounts home made from material I already had. I didn't have any re-dos or do overs and I'm up to over $400. That is not counting paint which I did myself.

The biggest hit will be your skill and perseverance during a 200 man hour project that requires much patience. That is for a bare bones unit following the instructions if you plan to deviate or customize add much more time.

I had help which is essential the instructions are good but not perfect. Advice is cheap.

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So the chincup is not as a stable plateform as the Vapor Pro's headstrap correct?

Anyone have any pics of the installed cutaway system on the Vapor Pro?

The shark just looks nice and its makes life easier to transfer my optima from a video jump to a fun jump without having to go through all the padding. Only thing I'm concerned with is that I'd like to mount a gopro on the front for backup incase the video decides to randomly shut off and it just doesn't look feasible since its curved.

I'd really like to get my hands on both of those helmets before I depart with a decent chunk of change so I could compare apples to apples, but doesn't look like I'll able to do so :( The shark is too new and not many people in the states wear TonFly's. Have seen sonic's setup looks nice though
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