Video of this incident

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here's the link to the video, pretty hard to find in the thread...

And btw, it was the students second jump, although it's been a while since his first one.
Plus, the student is actually a tunnel instructor/coach. Doesn't make the situation less dangerous, but might explain why he threw harder than the average student.

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I would think a helmet view wouldn't be that good on an aff jump anyways. The AFF instructors that I have seen doing vid have put a gopro on an old chest alti mount and wear it on their chest strap. Much better and usable footage.

I've seen a couple different setups, gopro on the top of a helmet gives a good view of feet, gopro on the chest gives good arch view, one mounted to the chin of a fullface seemed to be a decent mix of the two, but I don't like it sticking out that far.
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