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Mine, and others I've seen (GoPro HD 1080) always seems to record in a warmer temperature tone

Haven't noticed on my videos? Only if the lighting conditions are poor then the video has a little yellow tone, but on a normal daylight, I'd say the color is almost on the cold side?

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I bought one last night and used it for a few tandem handcams today. I added an external mic using the HD Hero2 stereo mic port (see photo). Poor sound quality was my only real complaint with the original HD Hero, but for me GoPro resolved that gripe with the Hero2's mic input. Nice job GoPro! Here's a clip from today, shot using the external mic:

Beyond that... honestly... I didn't see a major improvement in the video quality. I shot all day using 720p 60fps. It looks really sharp and clear on a 32" LCD, presented at 720p... but so did similar video from the original HD Hero.

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