Nikon 1 V1?

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Always been a nikon-boy, so this really looks interesting. Would be really nice if you acctually can take good photos during video..



Any thoughts? And if someone gets thier hands on it please tell me everything! =)


"The 1" type sensor (13.2mm x 8.8mm) gives a 2.7x crop." Bummer, so that 10mm is really a 27mm...

Maby not that big a diffrence to my nex5, (16mm * 1.5 = 24mm.)

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I played with á J1 for 3 minutes and noticed that it only takes 15 stills (3840x2160 ) while recording movies at 1080/60i. This means the camera is buffering stills in memory while processing the movie capture. Don’t know if the V1 works the same way, but I suspect it does.

The “moving picture” feature could bee interesting for use with tandems, but I “forgot” to check the speed/performance between consecutive “moving picture” shots.

Anyone here that has inputs from the V1 to share?


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I purchased a N1 1J in December and found I could only get 14 burst shots then the camera had to pause to write the info. I tried using a PRO card rated at 30 mb's per sec. The camera still paused to often even at low capture size. I returned the camera and bought a Sony Nex 3A for less than half the price. I found an open box from Samy's cameras for 299. :)with a 16mm wide lense. It will continuously shoot with a 320 shutter speed at 200 ISO. I got 90 stills in 30 seconds at full size 14MP stills. Now i just need to modify for the external switch.

Gotta be a Pioneer to excel in the future, otherwise follow the crowd

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