What external flash to use?

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Quick question.

I want to get an external flash to start working on same great still photography and have seen a number of products out there. Whats a suitable one to get. Im not after top of the line as I am just getting into using them and am happy for an entry level/mid range quality one to begin with.

Thoughts greatly received.

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In freefall there is not much use for automatic features such as ETTL etc.

Option A. (cheap)
If you only use your flash in low light conditions, or you want to underexpose the ambient, then pretty much any old (large) flash will do just fine. You will want to use it on manual and within the cameras sync speeds so there wont be any benefit on spending money on an expensive flashgun. Old Vivitars are very popular among strobists since they are cheap.

Option B (Medium)
However, if you want to use your flash also during the day time in sunlight as a fill flash I recommend you get a flashgun with High speed sync (HSS)

(If you are using Nikon, they call it FP)

Option C (more expensive)
If you have more money and want to get serious get a flashgun that accepts an external battery pack. This will reduce the recycle times of the flashgun and you will be able to use it more during one jump. High speed sync for example will use a lot of power and it takes a lot of time to recycle the flash.

Option A: Any larger used flash, even old ones. Look for them at Ebay for example.

Option B: EX 420, EX 430

Option C EX 550, EX 580 plus the battery pack.

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